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CCCP Common Clan Portal


Web frontend to comics generated with Comic Bot from 
or with ComicBotPlugin in PPF from

Open Source and is released under the GPL license.
See license.txt for more information.

Linux, Unix or Windows server running a webserver which can handle PHP.
The script was testet on Windows with A ApacheFriends XAMPP (basic package) 
version 1.5.3a

1. Unzip cccp-comicbrowser-<version> to any folder, for example /tmp
2. Create a new directory in your webservers DocumentRoot, for instance call 
the new directory comicbrowser.
3. Then copy everything in this php directory to the  directory you created in 
step 2.

1. Edit file config.php and perform the changes in step 2. and 3. below.
2. First of all you need to configure the COMICS_HOME parameter to 
your comics output folder.
3. If you are using the original Comic Bot, you must ensure that 
COMICS_FROM_PPF_PLUGIN is set to false. If the comics are made 
using PPF's ComicBotPlugin, COMICS_FROM_PPF_PLUGIN should be true.

Some usage notes:
The script is now accessible at http://<server>:<port>/<alias>/
where <alias> is the directory you created in step 2. of the installation.