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IdlerBot's only purpose is to spawn multiple idler clones in your channel. The number of clones that can come from one IP is restricted by the IRC network, so please check your IRC network rules before spawning too many clones, or you will simply be denied to log on to your IRC network. Idlerbot supports clones in multiple channels, if they are space separated in the property file. Please note that some IRC network prohibits clones, and it can result in network ban.


Open Source and is released under the GPL license.


Java Runtime Enviroment (JRE) 1.4.2 or above


Unzip IdlerBot<version>.zip to any folder, for example C:\IdlerBot This will later be refered to as [unzip dir].


Edit file [unzip dir]\ and edit the properties you like

idlerbot.irc.server = [your favorite IRC network server]
idlerbot.irc.channels = [your IRC channels - separated by space]
idlerbot.irc.advertise.action = [what do if someone advertises? none|kick|ban]
idlerbot.irc.advertise.message = [message when kicking/banning for advertising]
idlerbot.irc.antiflood = [set a 2.5 seconds message delay? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.authentication.enabled = [shall bot login on the network? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.authentication.service = [irc networks login bot]
idlerbot.irc.authentication.message = [irc network login string]
idlerbot.irc.hide.hostname = [shall bot set MODE +x ? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.invisible = [shall bot set MODE +i ? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.ident.prefix = [your clones followed by an incremental integer]
idlerbot.irc.nick.prefix = [your clones nick followed by an incremental integer]
idlerbot.irc.startup.clones = [number of clones to startup]
idlerbot.irc.startup.delay = [milliseconds between clones starting up] = [allowed to join/part channels? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.allow.invites = [autojoins channels on invites? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.allow.private.reply = [respond to private messages? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.allow.public.reply = [respond to channel messages? true|false]
idlerbot.irc.reply.message.private = [bot's reply on private message]
idlerbot.irc.reply.message.public = [bot's reply on channel message] = [autorejoin channel on kick true|false]
idlerbot.ctcp.finger = [CTCP FINGER reply text]
idlerbot.ctcp.version = [CTCP VERSION reply text]
idlerbot.system.password = [set an admin password for the bot]
idlerbot.system.verbose = [log channel messages to standard out? true|false]

If java is not in your system PATH, edit file [unzip file]\IdlerBot.cmd and make sure you include the PATH to java


Run the file [unzip dir]\IdlerBot.cmd


Invite only works if you have OP in the channel you're inviting to /INVITE [bot] #channel

The password is a bot password and is specified by idlerbot.system.password
/MSG [bot] join #channel [password]
/MSG [bot] part #channel [password]

Further help

CCCP IdlerBot is desupported. No further help available.