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CCCP Common Clan Portal


    - Minor bugfixes
    - Updated documentation
    - Went back to old email style
  	- Fixed Meta Generator issue
  	- Improved logging
  	- Full XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliancy
  	- Full CSS compliancy
  	- Simplified contact clan leader by email
  	- Replaced ircbot_base_dir with ircbot_stats_url
    - Removed marquee tag to be one step closer to full 
      XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliancy
    - Renamed to to 
      ease integration with the upcomming CCCP Files product
    - New favicon.ico
    - Fixed a bug in the logging system, and simplified Tomcat 
      configuration. Updated website with new setup instructions.
    - Upgraded to servlet API 2.4
    - Removed validation.xml
    - Added a connection pool to dbforms-config.xml
    - Removed unnecessary libraries (junit, httpunit and jcsq)
    - Added support for PPF 0.5, removed support for PPF 0.4
    - Upgraded to QueriEd 2.3 which supports more gametypes, including BattleField 2
    - Upgraded to log4j 1.2.11
    - Added support for BattleField 2. Please note that the BF2 default query port 
      is 29900, so this is usually the port you should use when adding a BF2 server
    - Added BF2 map images
    - Recreated gameserver table to avoid some confusion
    - Updated documentation
    - Added support for a custom date format on all pages 
      using datefields. The property in is where you customize it
    - Added support for PostgreSQL. This will be the prefered 
      database for CCCP Common Clan Portal
    - Update all connection profiles to use localhost
    - Changed column name from message to xmessage in forum.sql 
      and updated JSP files accordingly.
    - Changed column name from value to xvalue in clan_properties.sql
    - Removed Word and PDF documentation
    - Added dynamic documentation in HTML format using Apache Forrest
    - Switched to commons-logging
    - Renamed to CCCP Common Clan Portal
    - Redesigned forum and clan_properties table as a 
      preparation for FirebirdSQL repository database 
      which will be added in v1.70
    - Created dbforms-config-mysql-template.xml as 
      preparation for FirebirdSQL repository database 
      which will be added in v1.70
    - Created dbforms-config-firebird-template.xml as 
      preparation for FirebirdSQL repository database 
      which will be added in v1.70
    - Updated documentation
    - Switched to QueriEd 2.1 which allows more gametypes
    - Some security enhancements
    - Moved game server info to own tables
    - Fixed the contact list
    - Created support for more war servers
    - upgrade.sql removes war_server, war_sv_password and 
      war_rcon_password from table clan_properties. Make sure 
      to backup the values of those three records before 
      running upgrade.sql
      Afterwards you can insert those values again from the 
      'Game servers' application in Area51
    - Created clanwar system

    - Removed website_admin_email from
    - Removed smtp_host from
    - Removed ircbot_base_dir from
    - Removed database info from
    - Using dbforms API for database connectivity
    - Renamed clan property irc_bot to ircbot_name
    - Added instant message name support
    - Member now decides if his email should be shown or not
    - Fixed a few spelling errors
    - Updated documentation

    - Made IRC Live more failure tolerant
    - Introduced irc_preferred_server clan property
    - Added ISO 3166-1 country codes and flags
    - Country info has also been added to users table
    - Upgraded DBForms to version 2.4
    - Using dbforms2.5-SNAPSHOT.jar due to orderBy bug in 2.4
    - Upgraded MySQL Connector/J to 3.0.15
    - Minor changes to tagwall and internal forum
    - Packaged with cccp prefix instead of jcsfog prefix
    - Supplied a MySqlQueryConfig.xml example
    - Updated documentation
    - Renamed to CCCP Cyberathlete Clan Portal
    - Includes license info for external libraries
    - Latest MySQL Connector/J library
    - All image files transformed to PNG format
    - Updated doc on setup Tomcat
    - Made girlish and desert styles   

    - Multiple styles
    - Browser independent
    - Updated installation documentation