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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CCCP Common Clan Portal?

It's a website covering most - if not all - a gaming clan needs.

I have PHP setup, can I run CCCP Common Clan Portal?

CCCP Common Clan Portal is written in Java and needs a JSP/servlet engine to run, for instance Tomcat or Jetty.

I have ASP setup, can I run CCCP Common Clan Portal?

No, CCCP Common Clan Portal will not be ported to ASP.

Can I use PPF 0.5 instead of PPF 0.4 as IRC bot?

You can choose between both PPF 0.4 and PPF 0.5 as IRC bot, but if you are using PPF 0.4 you will need to install the additional DBQuery plugin to it.

Can I use an any other IRC Bot with CCCP Common Clan Portal?

Not by default. However, if you are an experienced IRC bot developer, we can give you the information needed so you can create it yourself if you want.

Howcome DBQuery is not inluded in PPF 0.4?

The DBQuery plugin was written long after PPF 0.4 was released. It is included in PPF 0.5, which is certified with CCCP Common Clan Portal v1.90

How do I install CCCP Common Clan Portal in Jetty?

It runs fine in Jetty, but at the moment there is no documentation on how to deploy it to Jetty. It will be tested and documented when time permits. Feel free to try for yourself and share your findings with us. If your findings are clear, understandable and reproducable, they will be included in the docs.

Which database should I choose?

The certified databases are PostgreSQL, MySQL and Firebird. Which one you choose is completly up to you. CCCP Common Clan Portal is developed on PostgreSQL, but the test phase is performed towards MySQL. Tests towards FirebirdSQL is only performed once in a while.

I allready have a database account. Can I use it with CCCP Common Clan Portal?

Sure, there is no problem using an existing database account as long as you don't have database objects with the same name as the database objects created by the seed scripts for CCCP Common Clan Portal. Please note that the seed scripts do not drop anything, so it should be perfectly safe to run them. If you want to use an existing database account, please note that you will need to set your database credentials in dbforms-config.xml and in DBQueryConfig.xml

Do I need to install ComicBrowser and IdlerBot too?

No, CCCP ComicBrowser and CCCP IdlerBot are two other projects which doesn't have anything to to with CCCP Common Clan Portal. CCCP ComicBrowser can however be interresting if you have enabled the ComicBot plugin in PPF.

Is CCCP Common Clan Portal W3C HTML or XHTML compliant?

Yes, it's compliant with the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard as well as CSS.

Howcome lots of pages are missing from the docs included in the download?

The documentation is dynamic and is updated as often as needed. Thus if you find any differences between the online docs and the docs included in the CCCP Common Clan Portal download, allways trust the online doc.